Sunday 6 April 2014

Marking Time

The order is in to Pendraken for a smattering of 10mm goodness - I could have asked someone to collect them for me at Salute but sadly didn't think of that until after I had sent the order off....

In the meantime though, I have some time this weekend to tackle a few items of housekeeping. To begin with, I finally managed to sort out my bases and zip lock plastic bags (cries of what an exciting life you lead!) which is a handy thing to do, albeit a tad uninspiring. Certainly having them all in one place is very handy - especially as I now know where that place is!

I also managed to tackle some painting. I still have a tray of 1/2400th scale WW1 British and German warships under way so I was able to get some work done on the battle cruisers. I am hoping to get these finished fairly soon but am once again thinking of changing the nationality - this time back to what they are supposed to be i.e. The Royal Navy and the High Seas Fleet and not those of Rusland and Fezia. I must confess to really enjoying this - there is something soothing about 50 shades of grey....;-)

I also picked up a couple of sets of rules which look like they could be fun. Of Gods and Mortals is a set of mythological rules by Osprey designed around skirmish sized games. Each player fields a force of a God, some Legends and the inevitable Mortals. The number of models needed for a game is quite small so raising forces in, for example, 28mm should not be too onerous. I would have liked to have seen some mores cultures - there is only Greek, Norse, Celtic and Egyptian included in the rules although you can add your own - represented but I am sure this will follow in due course. North Star produce a range of models to go with this and very nice they look as well.

I also picked up a copy of a set of grid-based WW2 divisional/corps rules called Krieg ohne Hass (war without hate) by Lance Flint. These are designed to be used with 1/200th through to 1/600th scale models and look very interesting indeed. At first glance they look like a cross between Megablitz (Tim Gow) and Square Bashing (Peter Pig RFCM). Initially I was attracted by the use of a grid but my preliminary reading has given me much else to consider. The grid used is of the square variety and is typically 6". Suddenly my 10mm idea has taken on a whole new dimension....;-)

It was quite a therapeutic afternoon in many respects and I also uncovered a few other bits and pieces lurking in the depths of the man cave. A couple of these have certainly got me thinking in a number of directions - certainly not in the 'Ooh shiny' way though - but that will be for another day methinks.


Paul O'G said...

Diving into the depths of the Man cave can been a most illuminating...and surprising experience!

David Crook said...

Hi Paul,

Certainly one of the items I uncovered came as a surprise - but in a good way. I was more pleased about getting my bases sorted out as it was one of those jobs that had been hanging around for ages.

All the best,