Wednesday 13 March 2024

More on Developing the Portable Ironclads Wargame

A ‘Pell-mell’ affair as the Union attempt to force a conclusion against a mixed Confederate force. Note the monitors bombarding the fort at the top of the picture.

What’s in a name?

Work has continued, albeit rather sporadically, on Developing the Portable Ironclads Wargame. After a bit of a rethink I have reverted to the original title rather than describing it as a ‘Revised and Expanded Edition’ as I think this better reflects the contents. To be honest it is largely a moot point because in essence a ‘Revised and Expanded Edition’ is exactly what the new book will be. However, following on from the precedent set by Bob with the Portable Wargame, I reckon that calling it ‘Developing’ is more in keeping with the overall Portable naming convention. So ‘Developing the Revised and Expanded Edition of the Portable Ironclads Wargame’ it is then….Only kidding, just ‘Developing’!

There is also an important new addition to the new book. As well as including rules for using a square grid as well as the original hexagonal version I will also be including rules for using single hexes and squares rather than two. The rationale behind this is that the use of single grid areas works better for smaller scale models. For example, a single Hexon tile, measuring 4” across the flat sides, will happily take a 1:1200th scale model. For the record I am looking at 6” grid areas for my own collection but then my models are rather on the large side!

Freebie Alert!

In the meantime though, I do have some welcome news. I shall be publishing an errata for the original book which will be available as a free PDF. I will make it available on the blog and also a couple of the facebook groups I belong to - The Portable Wargame and Gridded Naval Wargames. This is by no means an onerous document - thankfully - but it will help to tidy up a few things. I will be working on this over the next couple of weeks and will advise when ready.


Mark Cordone said...

Sounds great, looking forward to publication!

David Crook said...

Hi Mark,

The errata will be out long before the book for sure! There will be one or two surprises included as well….

All the best,


Conrad Kinch said...

Hats off. I can never get over my admiration for anyone who puts their head above the parapet enough to publish a set of rules. Best of luck with it.

David Crook said...

Hello there Mr Kinch,

Good to hear from you old chap! The ‘Developing’ title will include everything that did not make the first book - optional rules for the most part - and will serve to expand the coverage beyond the ACW. A lot of the material is more or less ready to turn into something legible but at present (and probably for the foreseeable) time is my greatest adversary.

It is a lot of fun though!

All the best,


Demitri Ioannou said...

Oh I really enjoyed play around with ironclad stuff from the naval rules and glad I found your blog

David Crook said...

Hi Demetrius,

Thank you kindly old chap! What ironclad rules are you using? Do you have a particular ironclad period you prefer?

All the best,