Tuesday 5 January 2010

Morschauser Modern Rules OK............

After much improvisation and ferreting around in my collection at home I have decided that my trial run of the Morschauser Modern Rules updated by Bob Cordery (see my previous post for details) will take place over the weekend using Memoir 44 terrain tiles and figures - together with some pieces from the old MB game of Tank Battle. I will not bother to photograph this as it will not look very pretty but I will try and write the action up on the blog.

I am looking forward to trying these out for a number of reasons - ease of play, time of play and the all important 'flavour'. They appear to have all of these in spades but you never know with a set of rules until you have a bash yourself! That said, I am confident that these will tick many of my rule requirement boxes and so this exercise is really just a confirmation.

I will also be acquiring some of the buildings for use with my own (various) gaming set ups that Bob Cordery has used to great effect in his various play tests during the evolution of these rules. The set of these is available for a mere £6.25 off Amazon and they represent great value. Ignore the livestock and train and you have a set that are usuable for anything European from 1700 upwards. Even the trees could be used although I would probably 'dip' them in flock or lichen to 'vegitate' them a little. The link is as follows:


These look really nice albeit a little on the 'chocolate box' side - but are a great and inexpensive alternative to mainstream resin type terrain (which usually need painting as well!).

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