Sunday 29 August 2010

Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones - Once upon a time in the Crusades

Back in the boot sale groove on a very very blustery and wet Sunday and boy did I score big! First up was a pristine hardback copy of the book The Crusades - (the BBC TV series) by Monty Python's Terry Jones. I have some more detailed works on the subject but this was a cracking TV series and the book is a very good primer. This cost me the princely sum of 50p. I also acquired a paperback omnibus of the first three Indiana Jones films - Raiders, Temple and Last Crusade. The cover is a little creased but this will be a good one for the train journey to and from work. I also acquired the 2 disc DVD special edition of Once Upon a Time in the West - the Sergio Leone film starring Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson for a pound.

Pride of place though was numbers 1 to 54 of the GW partwork Lord of the Rings - the magazine supporting the games produced by them of Peter Jackson's film trilogy. Over half of them still have the figures in the plastic bags (or the metals in their clear plastic and card blister packs) and those that are not 'on the magazine' have been undercoated and assembled. A few of the figures are damaged and certainly numbers of the bases are missing but this would be easily rectified. Also included was the plastic box this lot was stored in and a copy of the artwork book covering the film of The Two Towers.

This was completely unexpected and I am unsure what I will do with this although the figures are fantastic for use with any Tolkein based skirmish - which is unsurprising given that is the subject matter of the game! The price for this collection was £10 and I am confident that even if I decided to offload the entire amount I will easily make considerably more than I paid for it!

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