Monday 30 August 2010

A Weekend Afloat

Well not exactly but it did seem to be naval orientated! I have managed to get the latest acquisitions to the War at Sea collection up to the 'waves, wakes and labels' stage with the exception of the G/H class destroyers for the Royal Navy. The only reason they have been left out is simply because I shall be repainting them in to something a little more RN 194o vintage.

The most 'rounded' acquistions for the collection has to be for the Italians, gaining as they do a pair of rebuilt barrleships, a pair of heavy cruisers, eight destroyers and a flying boat! The Greeks get the Averof (see the picture above), a pair of G class destroyers and four ex RN Flower class corvettes.

The German navy gain six late war Narvik class destroyers (armed to the teeth!) whilst the RN has to make do with three R class battleships and a County class heavy cruiser.

I will post pictures when these are finished and whilst surveying the collection I was left with the feeling that it is getting pretty close to as much as I am ever likely to need!

Well, perhaps not - especially as the next expansion is due out in December...........;-)

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