Saturday 9 June 2012

1815 and up in the air at last!

My order from Old Glory UK arrived this morning which will now mean I can press on with the Axis and Allies: Angels 20 repaint as the decals are here and also my copy of Napoleon Returns (the scenario book for the 1815 campaign to accompany Volley and Bayonet by Frank Chadwick) which will also mean that work can resume on the Waterloo campaign using the block armies. I used to own a copy of Volley and Bayonet but sadly this has long gone and the new version - Road to Glory - is a little too specific for my taste; focusing as it does purely on the Napoleonic Wars. The plan now then is to try and track down a copy of the original rules for a number of reasons - not least of which is the fact that I have had a rather clever idea around using them....

Napoleon Returns - so I will also be able to!

Old Glory UK decals in 1/100th and 1/144th - just what the RAF and the Luftwaffe ordered (or rather I did, on their behalf!)

Tomorrow is the Broadside 2012 war games show organised by the Milton Hundreds war games club at Sittingbourne in Kent. I am really looking forward to going to this as it is a real 'old school' type of show - not too large, a good selection of games and trade and with enough room to be able to wander about and peruse at leisure rather than the rugby scrums usually associated with bigger events. My own club, SEEMS are putting on a large scale Battlefleet Gothic action under the expert guidance of Mr Fox so if you are going to the show drop by and take a look - the models look very nice indeed and I know that Mr Fox has a particularly evil plot under wraps for the action!

Broadside 2012 - for further details check out the website at:

I am really looking forward to tomorrow so should any readers be there and see me wandering by with a glazed expression on my face please feel free to stop me and say hi!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Have fun at Broadside, sir.

-- Jeff

David Crook said...

Hi Jeff,

I certainly hope to! I will get some pictures etc and post these tomorrow. Rather worryingly though is the fact that I am going without a definitive shopping list which means the potential for 'shinyitis' is quite high!

All the best,


TWR said...

V&B Road to Glory is not limited to the Napoleonic period. It has rules, just like version one, covering 1700 to 1880. Where it differs is the scenarios and army lists are just Napoleonic.

SYW and ACW army lists are available as free downloads.

David Crook said...


Many thanks for the heads up! I may well investigate them a little further (well, reinvestigate really!).

All the best,