Wednesday 22 August 2012

Putting the Block in the Blog

Phew! Finished at last - let the games commence....;-)

At long last, after several close call and near misses, the Command and Colours Ancients collection is now complete! There was a minor glitch concerning some green and purple blocks but this was swiftly resolved by the indefatigable Mr. Gow to whom many thanks are most gratefully extended.

The picture above shows all the armies in the plastic storage boxes are am using. The top row from left to right consists of the Republican Roman (grey), Early Imperial Roman (red) and Late Imperial Roman (purple); the middle row has the Hellenistic Greek and Macedonian (light blue) and the Eastern Empires - Persians in various guises together with the Indians (tan) and the bottom row has the Early Greeks of the Hoplite era (orange and bronze for the Spartans), the Carthaginians (brown) and the 'Barbarians' which covers most of the Celtic and Germanic hordes (green).Both the Republican Roman and the Carthaginian armies consist of two sets of blocks as I also acquired a copy of the base game for the game components I was missing - namely the command cards - and so I will be able to field some truly epic armies for the Punic wars when the mood takes, especially with the double sized boards I have available.

As you can see the collection is both substantial and far reaching and so it will enable me to indulge in pretty much any type of ancients match up from 500BC to 500 AD. This is enough for even my fickle nature! The next step is to continue work on the movement tray/base idea for use 'off the grid' so to speak.

A Blog Announcement

A few days ago I switched off the 'prove you are not a robot' verification on the blog (although posts still need to be approved) to make comments easier to be added. Since then the level of spam has increased hugely in my home email address because it cannot identify a genuine comment from a spam one. I am not going to turn the 'robot' back on but I have set blog comments on my home email to go into the spam folder in order to cut down the volume. I always check this daily in any event and so any genuine comments will be picked up and published in due course. For regular readers of the blog the only impact will be that any comments made will either be posted and responded on either first thing in the morning or in the evening. Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause but I am tired of seeing adverts for Ugg boots and strange exotic Russian building opportunities....;-)


Bluebear Jeff said...

weird . . . I have never set verification on my blogs and I don't get any spam . . . I guess that I've just been lucky.

In any event, I appreciate not having to try numerous times to correctly "verify".

-- Jeff

BigLee said...

Spam and junkmail easily made it to my Grumpy List (ref 20 Questions)

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


Very impressive!

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Jeff,

I would rather have the spam than no comments but I think the Ugg boots may be appearing due to the number of 'Boot' titles I have (for the boot sales I go to). Coincidence perhaps but you have to wonder!

All the best and glad you are still onboard - much appreciated.


David Crook said...

Hi Lee,

I wished I had added them as well!

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Bob,

As a one stop ancients set up this lot will be hard to beat and I am looking forward to getting some games in with them.

All the best,


Paul´s Bods said...

I turned off the verification thingy and got spammed almost immediately on both blogs..I put it back on.

Ray Rousell said...

Captcha is the bain of my life! Glad you turned yours off though. I'm quite lucky it seems, I get around 4-5 spam comments each week, they all seem to be collected in the spam folder on the blog, I've never got an increase on my email address though?

David Crook said...

Hi Paul,

I will leave it off for the time being but if the spam levels get too bad then I may rethink this.

It is a real pain though.

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi ray,

It is only because all comments go to my email address for approval. The Blogger spam filter has let a load of 'Anonymous' comments to posts of mine with 'Boot' in the title.

It is a pain but hopefully they will die down in time.

All the best,