Monday 27 August 2012

Raising the Lowered Bar

I thought I had squared away the 'minor tidy up and reorganisation' of the man cave - but I was wrong! Something in the man cave was not quite right but I was not sure exactly what is was. I looked at the room from several different angles and then it came to me. I had a couple of units in the wrong place which meant that the available space to walk around the new 6 x 4ft playing area was quite restricted. It was fine when it was just myself mooching about up there but when more than one person it tends to get a little crowded. I have swapped the positions of a narrow book case with a cupboard which has given me at least an extra foot of space around one side of the table. This will be more than enough room for anybody of larger than average dimensions to negotiate the table! As a bonus I was also able to relocate my modelling table to a position directly under one of the windows next to the cupboard in which my paints etc are stored.

I was so enthused by this change around that is made a start on cleaning up the 1/4800th WW2 ships - with the Germans being tackled first. The castings are pretty good although the moulds are probably showing their age a little as some of the finish is a little on the rough side. Everything for the Germans larger than a destroyer has been cleaned up so I shall tackle the destroyers next and then attend to the small matter of the bases and the painting. I am going to tackle a fleet at a time with the Royal Navy following the Germans, then the Italians and finally the merchant convoy. The RN is obviously a whole lot bigger than the Germans so I may well be splitting the paint job in two but I have a little while to think about it.

I also managed to finish the tidy up of the terrain tiles for the Command and Colours ancients collection and so all that I need to do is to organise the rules folders and then it is finished and ready to play with.

Finally, I also rediscovered the label sheets I had printed for the 20th century part of the my home made block collection - and realised that not only did I have to finish these but that I also needed to draft the vehicle types. I had a bit of a wobble with this in that I considered using standard military symbols for the later types but I am having second (perhaps even third!) thoughts and may well revert to the stylised symbols in conjunction with the more usual infantry, cavalry and artillery versions.

So it looks like my good intentions about be organised and disciplined and keeping the list to a minimum has lasted all of a bank holiday weekend but I suppose I would not have it any other way!

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