Wednesday 13 February 2013

The Days Roll By....

It is now half way through February and I have yet to fight a game at home. Why is this? Simply put, I am currently at the mercy of waiting on things to materialise; coupled with the need to slightly reorganise the man cave to be more space efficient.

The one thing that both of these factors have accorded me though, is time. Time to think, to plan and to really scratch beneath the surface of my wargaming wants. The naval dimension for sure will be the first priority and once the remainder of my Stonewall 1:2400th WW1 models arrive I can begin in earnest to work on the fleets. In reality I could make a start now but the collection is currently so lopsided it would achieve little other than to kill some time. Painting of any kind at the moment will be difficult as I am reluctant to start any whilst the man cave is in need of its reorganisation.

I have some 20mm vehicles on order that will enable me to kick start the early WW2 kit once I have the requisite infantry bits and pieces in place but again, this is all in transit and anyway, I am still pondering the best way to utilise the forces raised - complicated by the fact that I should really be looking at the earlier period to tie in with the WW1 ships.

These will be the key projects for me for this year and funny as it sounds at the moment I am not exactly busting a gut to get any of them underway in a practical sense. It is the Tonbridge show at the end of the month (to which I am going) and this will serve to fan the flames for at least one of my projects which should also coincide with some lounge furniture arriving.

The lounge furniture affects the man cave indirectly as once this is in situ, a cupboard will be freed up from the kitchen which can in turn go into the loft (the location of the man cave). This, combined with some additional bits and pieces from Ikea will complete the aforementioned reorganisation and then it will be all systems go on the gaming and painting front - at least once it is finished.

So my home wargaming at present is very much a waiting game but it is giving me the opportunity to think and to plan and so that is seldom time wasted.

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