Monday 21 October 2013

Not a Lot but more than a Little....

No boot sales, no shopping trips (except for the usual weekly food shop), no major works of gaming undertaken but it feels as though I managed to get rather a lot of minor nagging 'odds and ends' taken care of this weekend. You know, all of those 'get around to it' tasks that always seem to accumulate. I never intend to procrastinate but life sometimes has a way of forcing this on you - usually due to other assorted and pressing tasks requiring more urgent attention.

I managed to get a lot of gaming related bits and pieces put back where they belong and not over every available flat surface in man cave. Several sets of rules reappeared in their rightful places and I even managed to tackle a little painting although in retrospect this may have been a mistake as that which was undertaken will need to be corrected (WW1 1/2400th scale battle cruisers). I also got around to sorting out the block army collection - my original rather than the Command and Colours versions - and this has given me a number of ideas to go forward with.

The block armies will probably be my mainstay for the foreseeable future simply because my painting time is now so limited but I have a cunning plan around the Christmas break which is now not that far away. In our household the festive planning is overshadowed somewhat by my daughter's 18th birthday in mid December which takes a degree of priority.

All of pottering, planning and musing is small beer really but I feel better for it - so much so that I was sufficiently inspired to have set up a game to fight using the latest version of Bob Cordery's 'Itchy and Scratchy' rules. That was the real treat for me, setting up the table with the terrain and deciding which units to deploy. The report for this will feature later in the week, once I have fought it.

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