Wednesday 18 January 2023

More on the Samurai Project

From the Osprey rules stable - skirmish combat in Feudal Japan, designed for forces of around 4 to 20 figures a side so similar in scope to Test of Honour

I have previously mentioned that this will be a slow burning project and whilst I have yet to start the actual work involved with the figures it has not stopped me undertaking some essential research aka looking at sets of rules! 

I had somehow missed the above but my old friend Mr Fox had very kindly reminded me of this and emailed me a few handy roster sheets I could make use of. Anyways, the last of am Amazon gift cad was duly mobilised and so I am now a proud owner of a copy of the above. At first glance I think I would prefer these to Test of Honour but that could merely be due to the ‘Ooh shiny’ factor than any sensible comparison!

Certainly a set worthy of consideration.

In other news….

I have yet to fight the battle set up in my pervious post and due to circumstances beyond my control this is more likely to be at the weekend.

Work on the remaining ACW ships will be resumed shortly - mainly because there is unfinished business in respect of my Ironclads itch. I will say no more….


Aly Morrison said...

It’s always good to get lots of very important background research materials…

Lots of cool books

All the best. Aly.

Steve J. said...

There seemed to be a rash of samurai bases skirmish games a few years ago now, so always tricky which ones to plump for. Which ever one you go for I look forward to seeing some of your games:).

David Crook said...

Hi Aly,

As far as the Samurai library goes it is safe to say that fortunately I am really spoilt for choice as there is a plethora of titles around that would be useful. Restraint applies however and aside from a couple of Mt Turnbull’s books on the subject I would be keen to acquire I thank I have everything I need for the present research wise.

For rules I have Test of Honour and Ronin which will suffice for the skirmish side and for the battle sized actions there is a variant of the Portable Pike and Shot Wargame, Command and Colours and a variant of DBA.

Between the two there is of course Lion Rampant for which I have the Samurai variant.

I am thinking that should suffice for my needs (says he looking at the Last Samurai supplement for The Men Who Would be KIngs….)

All the best,



David Crook said...

Hi Steve J,

As you rightly say there are plenty of rules around for Samurai games from man to man skirmishes upwards. I reckon that for my needs I have the bases covered though - probably until I see something shiny at a show and think that I REALLY need to get it!

As for the games it will be a while before these hit the table but recast assured, they will at some point!

All the best,


El Grego said...

This will be a definite change of pace from ironclads, and something that I know little about!

David Crook said...

Hello there El Grego,

That it will be! My knowledge of the whole Samurai ‘age of war’ is limited but I have a few good books on the subject which should see me over the rough spots.

I hope!

All the best,