Saturday 4 February 2023

Busy Doing Nothing….

WW2 on the Eastern Front - about as far away from 19th century Ironclads as you could get!

The back of the box

The theatre of war - note the use of geographical areas rather than the more traditional hexes

Large counters and relatively few of them make the game rather attractive for the time/enthusiasm challenged gamer!

Since my last post I have been stricken with a dreadful chesty cough and cold. As a result of this, along with ongoing dramas at work and a lack of sleep has meant that I have been doing very little gaming related - even my initial wave of enthusiasm after receiving the Battleships book seems to have abated. I am feeling rather better than a week ago but the gaming lethargy is still present. I was planning to go to Cavalier at Tonbridge at the end of the month but due to other commitments this is now off the table.

I have no shortage of ideas to play around and for sure I will get to them in due course but for now the most realistic option for me is to take a look at my board game inventory. Fortunately I have a few to experiment with and being able to leave any such undertaking set up in the man cave makes it even more attractive as I can dip ‘in and out’ as the enthusiasm fluctuates (which it is at present!).

Absolute War covers the Eastern front during WW2 at a strategic level and the subject has given me many great games over the year - both board and table based. I have no immediate plans to do anything using models - maybe something in 2 or 3mm possibly - but never say never…

I may have to watch Cross of Iron again, purely for research purposes naturally….


Steve J. said...

Fingers crossed you get better soon old chap! My painting mojo has returned along with, famous last words, a body that is free of a cold and no back pains to speak of. I know I'm tempting fate and all that, but strike whilst the iron is hot...

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

We had that cough over Christmas - most annoying , or house sounded like a TB ward.

David Crook said...

Hello Steve J,

I am feeling a little more with it although the nose is once again doing a great impersonation of Niagara Falls! Having said that an idea has come to me and you will be delighted to hear that blocks are involved….

Good to hear the painting mojo has returned so make hay whilst the sun shines as they say!

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hello there Good Soldier,

My daughter had it first and as trainee teacher she works in a veritable Petrie dish of assorted infection it was no surprise that first myself and then Laurel had this just before Christmas. Laurel is now fine but my daughter and I are now on our second dose and yes, the comparison with a TB ward is a familiar one!

I am looking forward to going ‘Twice around the Daffodils” for sure though!

All the best,


Aly Morrison said...

There is nothing wrong with a hobby detour David… I do it all the time… but maybe that is my hobby đŸ˜‚
I have also been hit by the mega cold that’s doing the rounds… Niagara Nose would be a good name for it.

All the best. Aly