Saturday 18 May 2024

Wings of War/Glory and “Der Tag”

Transatlantic goodies - one more parcel to come!

The first two of three deliveries from across the pond arrived this morning and has enabled me to complete the British component of my Wings of War/Glory 1:144th 1918 set up. This consists of the following:

4 each of SE5, Sopwith Camel and Sopwith Snipe
2 each of Bristol Fighter, RE8 and DH4.

Bristol Fighters - if you look closely you can see the twin Lewis gun option used on the white half winged aircraft 

A pair of Sopwith Snipes

A rather natty looking Sopwith Camel

The last of the Germans are in the final parcel due to arrive shortly and so they will be represented as follows:

7 Albatross DVa, 1 captured Sopwith Camel, four Fokker DR1, 2 Fokker D7 and two Fokker D8 (the monoplane fighter I have christened the ‘Stachel Special’)

There are also two each of the following: Halbastadt, Roland, Rumpler and Hannover.

In an ideal world another brace of Fokker D7s would be nice but they are not essential. 

“Der Tag”

Monday, May 20th at 4:30pm I shall learn my fate in respect of being at risk of redundancy. We shall see how it goes.


Steve J. said...

A lovely mix of planes there David and good luck with 'Der Tag'. Que sera sera as Doris Day memorably sang...

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Good luck on Monday, hope you get the result you want (I took voluntary redundancy 11 years ago and never regreted it)

Aly Morrison said...

What a splendid selection of aircraft David…
As for “DervTag”…
Go full on Fight Club…


All the best. Aly

'Lee. said...

Hello David,

Those little aircraft look amazing. I do like WW1 dogfights so look forward to seeing this game in action.

Really sorry to read of your current plight at work, I hope it can be resolved in your favour, I know that you have a lot to cope with. Keep your spirits up.

How long did the planes take to arrive from the States and was shipping costly? I ask because I have seen a box of Warlord Iron Brigade available!

All the best my friend and hope that you are still happy with those little ancients :)


Paul O'G said...

Love those WW1 Wings of Glory planes - I have a bunch in a box somewhere. I did find a comp-any making scaled pilots for them - even bought them, but never got around to fitting them