Sunday 8 November 2009

3rd Balkan War Afloat....Part 2

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!! I am hanging my head in shame at the extent of my folly! There I was, all set to game the clash of the dreadnoughts from the 3rd Balkan War when I made a horrible discovery. I had rushed into print the wrong version of the rules I was going to use and to compound this error I had then inadvertently saved over the wrong set. this was not fatal but it did mean I had to spend some time on the PC trying to sort out my self inflicted debacle. After much trial and effort (as well as muttered curses!) I finally managed to get the latest version sorted out and saved in an easily recognisable format.

Needless to say, after that little administrative faux pas I was not able to get the promised action underway. No matter, Ishall press on and will tackle the same next weekend and during the week (on Wednesday) the postponed match up of Black Sea Fleet Russian versus the Austro-Hungarians will take place at the club. This should be good for plenty of action methinks - especially when the respective dreadnoughts start trading salvoes.

Apologies to all that were expecting to read the report of the Greeks and Turks bashing each other - it will have to be a pleasure deferred!

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