Friday, 6 November 2009

The Trials and Tribulations of a Naval Wargamer...... Part 2.

After my angst-ridden post of yesterday and an evening of soul-searching I managed to tweak the rules into something a whole lot more palatable. The movement now includes the use of diagonals and the combat has been streamlined. I have changed damage effects slightly so that now hits are scored based on the margin of victory i.e. up to 3 over the target score is a single hit, 4 or 5 is two hits and 6 plus means a cripple or a sink if torpedoed. It eases the maths required and is faster in resolution. Hits still need to be rolled for to see what they are (normal, flood or fire) only now torpedo hits are solely flood damage. Again, this is a speed issue so it makes life a little easier.

I hope to try these on a live audience next week at the club with a solo run out in the interim - I also want to get a new playing surface sorted out as well so I can photograph the action as well. this will give the after action reports a little more spice!

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