Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Aquanef Models from an unusual source...........

With the release of Wessex Games’ Aquanef – Victorian science fiction naval combat – scheduled for later this year I have been giving some thought as to the models of the Aquanef themselves. The display game at Salute run by Steve Blease and Matthew Hartley made use of upturned plastic beer glasses with a CD mounted on the top as a base for a conventional ship model and the submerged Aquanef themselves were mounted on conventional flying bases. This allows for the illusion of surface/subsurface interaction and looks very effective. As an aside this approach could be easily used for any other game involving submarines – I am thinking about a WW2 U Boat vs. Convoy type actions – and would be relatively easy to set up. As yet there are few, if any, commercially available models for the Aquanef themselves and so the budding underwater gamer will need to convert or scratch build the appropriate vessels. A further consideration is that Aquanef themselves will ideally need to be represented by a full hulled submerged model and a surfaced waterline version. This has implications for the scratch builder in that the obvious need for models that look the same overall will need to be addressed. As a result of my numerous DIY adventures over the course of the weekend I think I have found a novel solution.


That’s right, Rawlplugs – or rather the plastic versions that are available in a variety of sizes and colours. Before you think I have gone barking mad consider the following:

They have a suitably ridged and ribbed surface – usually with some ‘fins’ sticking out around the mid point, so are ideal for painting.
They have a rounded end – suitable for a bow section.
They have a split along most of the length of the plug – this forms a natural point of division so that one plug can be used for two surfaced hulls if cut carefully.
They are also available in assorted sizes so these can be used for different vessel classes.

A whole plug could merely be detailed as required and mounted on a flying base – I would suggest filling the slot with some plastic card or similar for diving vanes etc. The split plug can be used as a surfaced Aquanef, again with some appropriate detail added.

I must confess that I have looking long and hard at Rawlplugs as a source of gaming raw material – mounted on flying bases and suitably painted and detailed they could form the basis of a very nice looking rocket based space fleet.

Another attraction is the fact that they are cheap and easy to come by. I would imagine that most gamers have a selection of these kicking around indoors in the tool box. I will have a play around with a few and see what comes out by way of a design or two.


SteelonSand said...

Ooh, ooh! Excellent idea there, Ogre, cheap and easily available, and as you suggest, come in a variety of types and sizes...I think I'm off down to Homebase at the weekend!

CWT said...

I've always liked the inventiveness that modelling things like aero/aquanefs seems to bring out. I'll look forward to details!
All the best,

David Crook said...

Hi Chaps,

I hope to have some mock ups ready fairly soon - just to see how they look.

All the best,