Wednesday 12 May 2010

El Grego - With Grateful Thanks

Readers of the blog may recall my recent post with the pictures of the latest acquisitions for my Axis and Allies: War at Sea WW2 fleets. I had a problem with the initial draft as I was not able to place the photographs where I wanted to within the body of the text. With a single picture it is no problem as this would usually appear at the head of the post but try as I might I was unable to place the five photographs anywhere other than at the head of the article. In frustration I added a plea at the foot of the post for a clue as to how I could get around this problem. El Grego, a follower of my blog and author of the very readable heeded the call and stepped into the breach with a simple resolution. Basically, all I have to do is to edit my posts in HTML mode in which you can move pictures and text around to your heart’s content, merely by copy or cutting and pasting. Although I use a PC on a daily basis for both work and at home I am by no means an expert and so whilst this technique may have been obvious to many to me it was very much unknown territory.

As a result of this technique I was able to reformat the post with the pictures in the desired places and with some extra comments.

I would like to extend my grateful thanks to EG for this tip – it is very much appreciated and serves to further highlight the spirit of friendly cooperation that exists across the war gaming blogging community.

Cheers EG, consider yourself mentioned in despatches!

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El Grego said...

Happy to help!!