Monday, 31 May 2010

The Action off Cape Odamonte - November 1940, Somewhere in the Mediterranean..........

This Wednesday evening will see the denizens of my club, SEEMS, tackle a WW2 naval action using Axis and Allies: War at Sea and set in the Mediterranean during 1940. Ordinarily our actions are fought using the game rules points system but in this case we are flying solo and using a scenario based loosely on the action off Cape Spartivento which took place a couple of weeks after Taranto. I have named this encounter the Battle of Cape Odamonte as my usually fertile imagination struggled to come up with anything more original!

The forces have been tweaked slightly to reflect model availability - both the RN and the Italians will be receiving the 'missing ships' when the next expansion for the game is released - and some of the numbers have been trimmed.

The challenge in this action will be that the Italians have the weight of fire but can only rely on land based air whilst the RN have a carrier and some very effective light cruisers. The Italians have the most modern battleship available in the shape of a Littorio class - Vittorio Veneto.

As readers of this blog will probably know, I am a great fan of scenario based games, especially when the forces are quite disparate in terms of capabilities. This promises to be a lot a of fun and so I shall make sure that the after action report is posted as soon as I am able.

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