Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Battle of Cape Odamonte - Further Thoughts

I spent yesterday evening finalising the scenario details for the Battle of Cape Odamonte to be fought tomorrow evening at the club. As mentioned, I am basing the action loosely on the historical Battle of Cape Spartivento. The forces for this action will consist of the following:


Vittorio Veneto (BB)
Guilio Cesare (BB)
Bolzano, Zara, Pola and Fiume (CA)
8 x Navigatori (DD)

Air support will consist of 2 bases of SM 79 torpedo bombers and a base of Folgore fighters – all of which are of course, land based.

Royal Navy

Ark Royal (CV)
Renown (BC)
Valiant (BB)
Kent (CA)
Southampton and Gloucester (CL)
2 x Tribal (DD)
6 x J/K Class (DD)

The Ark Royal’s air group consists of a base of Sea Hurricanes and two bases of Swordfish.

The 'house' modified air rules will be in use i.e. a base equals two squadrons as this serves to give the aircraft a little more ‘bite’ and longevity. I will also have a selection of victory conditions as well, other than the usual points based version as the plan is to try and get players to think about the overall big picture rather than just the usual close range knife fight.

The irony of this particular action is that both the Italian and the Royal Navy will have a better selection of ships available once the next Axis and Allies: War at Sea – Condition Zebra expansion is released. The Italians will benefit from the addition of the Conte de Cavour class battleship and a Soldati class destroyer whilst the RN gain an R Class battleship (at last!) and, via the Greek navy, a G class destroyer. All of these will help to represent the respective navies in theatre far better than at present.

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