Sunday, 27 June 2010

Paddy Griffith R.I.P.

It was with much regret that I heard of the passing of Paddy Griffith - the renowned military historian and wargamer. I never met him; nor did I engage in any correspondence with him but I suddenly realised with his passing just how much he had contributed to my own somewhat 'left field' take on military history. I own three of his titles and they have been constant sources of inspiration and have provoked much thought about the subjects in question - the ACW, Revolutionary France and Vikings.

I remember reading Napoleonic Wargaming for Fun and not fully appreciating it at the time but have now realised just what a revolutionary approach to the subject it was with its diverse range of gaming experiences - in many ways years ahead of its time.

Challenging the mainstream and encouraging the thought process are for me personally his two major legacies but I am sure others can add many more to that.

My thoughts are with his family at this time and to PG himself - many thanks and rest in peace.

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