Monday, 28 June 2010

Axis & Allies: War at Sea - Condition Zebra Update

After the recent ‘horse trading’ surrounding the latest expansion set for Axis & Allies: War at Sea – Condition Zebra had been completed I was finally able to get my list together for the purchases I shall be making in order to finish off the collection thus far.

The list looks something like this:

3 x Z32 (Narvik Class Destroyers)
7 x Greek V.Olga (this is the same as the British G class Destroyer so I shall use 1 for the Greeks and 6 for the RN)
8 x Ascari (Soldati class Destroyers)
2 x Royal Oak (R class battleships)
2 x Caio Duilio (Battleships)
1 x Italian Seaplane/patrol bomber – Z506.B
1 x Trento (Heavy Cruiser)

There is now little point in me buying further booster packs so the singles route will be the way forward. Once this lot is in place all the fleets will look more ‘historical’ in make up and I am particularly pleased that the Mediterranean theatre has had some major reinforcements – not just in terms of capital ships but also some more of the essential smaller vessels.

It also means that my modelling activities for the next few weeks will focused on basing, basing, labels, flags and basing!


Paul O'G said...

Some nice Battlewagons and Destroyer Squadrons there Admiral!

David Crook said...

Hi Tas,

All in the interests of historical accuracy! The Royal Oak is a gem of a model and so having some of these is a majoe plus for the RN. I am also pleased about Greek navy - the Georgios Averoff is a lovely model.

All the best,