Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Beware of Greeks bearing 9.2" guns........

Contrary to my earlier post in which I announced that I would not be buying any further booster packs for Axis and Allies: War at Sea – Condition Zebra; I succumbed to the lure of the new toy syndrome and purchased a further 3 boxes. As ever, the selection was pretty eclectic and only 4 models from the 15 were of immediate use with the others heading to various club members and ebay. The four models I am keeping are a Narvik class destroyer, an Italian submarine, a Greek ‘G’ class destroyer and the biggest prize of all: The Greek Armoured Cruiser: Georgios Averoff. I was so pleased to get this venerable ship (still preserved) and she will form the flagship of my Greek fleet in exile. Historically the Greek navy suffered very badly during the German invasion in 1941 losing some 25 ships. The Averoff, some destroyers and submarines managed to get to Alexandria to continue the war from there. The cruiser was used as a convoy escort in the Indian Ocean for much of the war although the destroyers and submarines served with the RN in the Mediterranean. The model is really nice although the paint job leaves a lot to be desired which is not unusual for these ships.

Four models for £36 can by no means be described as a bargain but the onward sale or swap of the surplus kit will redress the expenditure to a degree. As long as I keep telling myself this then inevitably I may even begin to believe it………………..;-)


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Ah! The 'Georgios Averoff'! One of my favourite ships! It - along with the Russian 'Rurik' - marks the ultimate expression of the per-WW1 heavy cruiser. Almost, but not quite, a battle-cruiser.

I can see why you were so pleased to get one, even if she does need a new paint job.

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Bob,

The model is nicely moulded and the dazzle paint job is OK in profile - the decks are grey despite the planking being clearly defined. The Greeks may have overpainted them but I prefer to see some wood on ships of this vintage! My Aegean 1943 naval campaign will see in her use and all I now need for the Greek navy is another G class destroyer and the 4 Flower class corvettes.

The Navwar 1/3000th version is pretty good as well.

Now if only the chaps at Wizards would consider WW2 ships from the neutral navies (I am thinking Spain and Turkey)we will be in business!

All the best,