Sunday 25 July 2010

Back in the Boot Sale Groove

Another Sunday and another Boot Sale and boy did I strike lucky once again! To begin with I picked up the two disc versions of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns as well as the final Pirates of the Caribbean film - At World's End - thereby completing the set so far. These three films came to the princely sum of £3.50 and are in absolutely pristine condition. The Pirates trilogy has thus cost me £3.50 for all three films each of which are in the two disc format which can't be bad in anybodies language.
I also picked up the first four of the Osprey Battles of WW2 partwork covering Poland, France, Norway and the Battle of Britain (see the picture above) together with the Encyclopedia of German Tanks of WW2 by Doyle and Chamberlain, published by Arms and Armour Press in hardback (in very good condition although minus a dust jacket). The cost for this little lot came in at £3.00.
The Osprey titles are basically hardback versions of the corresponding campaign series titles (except for the Battle of Britain title) so at full price of £7.99 are nearly half the price of the corresponding softback version. the Battle of Britain title - England 1940 - is probably the weakest of the four as it is a combined 'Duel' and an 'Aircraft of the Aces' edition.
I had not seen these Ospreys in the newsagents so will investigate further as this route seems to be a far better way to acquire campaign series title than the usual Osprey route.

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