Monday 5 July 2010

Elementary, its the Pirates of the Heroscape..........

Saturday morning saw SWMBO and I heading to the boot sale at Sadler's Farm - our usual Saturday boot sale although for a variety of reasons we have missed this one for a few weeks. Presumably due to the fantastic weather it was packed solid with sellers and so I was able to come away with some great bargains.

The first of these was a three volume hardback set of all the Sherlock Holmes stories reproduced as they appeared in the Strand magazine. They are also in chronological order which is handy as well. This particular version is roughly A5 sized so some of the facsimiled print is a little faint (it was published as a budget edition in any event so the print quality was never going to be top drawer) and some of the illustrations are a little indistinct. having said that, I was delighted to add these to the library as I am a great Holmes and Watson fan. I already own a paperback set of the complete series but this version has far more period charm. The set cost me £1!

The second bargain was the two disc special edition of the second of the Pirates of the Caribbean films - Dead Man' Chest - still in its shrinkwrap for the sum of £1. I really enjoyed the first film and have yet to see numbers 2 and 3 so this will make for a good family film day. Strangely enough, I acquired the first film as a similar 2 disc special edition still in shrinkwrap a couple of weeks back so am hoping to complete the set in a similar fashion!

The final bargain was a little more expensive at £2 but is without a doubt the best. I acquired a complete and unused copy of the board game Heroscape by Hasbro. The big attraction of this game is the hexagonal plastic terrain tiles coloured in sand, grey, green and blue used to fight the battles on. This can be assembled in a number of ways and whilst the hexes are only roughly 40mm or so across the flat sides the potential for use with smaller figures is great.

I have owned this game before and to be honest I gave up trying to make use of it - in fact I disposed of the whole lot over a year ago - but now I have a number of newer ideas that could be used with this system so this was a welcome find.

All in all then, not a bad day at the sales......................;-)


Paul O'G said...

great additions, and with change from a fiver!

David Crook said...

Hi Tas,

Having change makes it so much the better! Not to mention SWMBO being happy!

All the best,