Monday, 19 July 2010

Power, a Risky Business

No boot sales this weekend as holiday shopping came to the fore. One of the jobs I did manage to undertake though was to visit one of the local charity shops in deepest Rayleigh with some items for donation. I was very pleased then, to be able to pick up a couple of boardgames at bargain prices at one of these. I acquired another copy of Risk - the version with the hard plastic generic 12mm 18th century figures - and also a game called Power, originally published by Spears Games back in the 80s or 90s.

Risk I acquired solely for the figures as they have much potential for use in an 18th century 'imagi-nation' type set up. I now have three copies of this version and so Charge! or The Wargame sized units are a definite possibility although heaven knows when this will see the light of day!

Power is an abstract wargame set in the modern era and players have forces of infantry, armoured cars, tanks, fighters, bombers, destroyers and cruisers; together with a huge ICBM. the game uses written plotted move and players may move up to 5 units a turn. the pieces are moulded in plastic and are not scale specific but would be usable for 'serious' map based games or even painted and used conventionally. the fighter is an F4 Phantom whilst the bomber is a B52. The ships look vaguely like late WW2 US types and the vehicles are generic designs.

In its current form this would probably be a good club night game although I am thinking of how I might use the pieces in something else!

Not bad finds and useful to add to the collection and so charity shops will be added to the browsing list next time we are out shopping!


SteelonSand said...

Hey Ogre, I just saw a mint copy of "Power" going on Ebay for sixty quid!

Don't break that set up just yet....!

Had some nice photos of the contents on the sale page though - the ICBMs look like large scale V1s, I see, and lots of Armoured Car type AFVs included too - have to look out for an old copy of this game for myself....but not on Ebay..... ;-)

David Crook said...

Hi SoS,

At £60 i would certainly let this set go! It is mint and the models are still sealed in bags so perhaps I should investigate this! £60 would buy a lot of 54mm soft plastics...........;-)

I think I need to go and lie down now!

Thanks for the heads up though and rest assured, Mr. Royston's life is about to get a whole more interesting!