Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hexon Part 2 - with added Tubing

Hurrah!! I at last took delivery of my set of Hexon Green Flocked terrain tiles last night and very nice they are as well. As with the blue set I acquired earlier I ordered a set of 10 single tiles to go with the boxed set so that I can 'fine tune' the set up where needed. Initially I shall be using some of the tiles with the blue set for my ACW river based activities but I also have a number of other ideas for later in the year. Memoir 44 in 20mm springs to mind - not that I need an excuse for raiding the range of 20mm kits from Armourfast....;-) The picture above represents what can be achieved using this system with, for me anyway, the added advantage of being hexed!

My order of plastic tubing from The Model Dockyard arrived this morning produced by the well known supplier of plastic card etc Evergreen. I opted for three sizes - 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" diameter - and this will give me sufficient variety in terms of turret production. I will be tackling the monitors for the ACW project but not until I have managed to complete the next 9 models giving me 24 in all.

I have a timetable for this project in that I want to be painting the first 24 models by the end of the month with a view to play testing the rules (which exist as a number of hastily scribbled notes and post-its) during February.
Thats the plan anyway....


Paul O'G said...

Well without a plan you dont have a basis for change!

Looks like a really adapatable system and I'm looing fwd to seeing what you can do with it

David Crook said...

Hi Tas,

Happy New Year mate! This was a piece of indulgence but will be of enormous benefit in the long term. Even 'merely' using it for a straight Memoir 44 game opens up all manner of ideas! First up though will be the ACW naval project but rest assured - anything else I do with this will get plenty of coverage!

All the best,