Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mango and Minnie - the new additions

We have been and gone and done it and yesterday acquired a mother and daughter feline combo as new additions to the household. Our remaining cat, Maisy, has been pining dreadfully since she lost her partner in crime Misty, a short while ago. Originally we had three cats but lost Marmite to old age a couple of years ago and Misty of course, last year. Originally the plan was just to get one cat to keep Maisy company but these two were inseparable so we took them both on from our local cat rescue service. Mango (18 months old in the lower picture) is the mother and and is very nervous although has already found her preferred spot in the office whilst Minnie (6 months old and in a rare moment of repose in the top picture) is totally fearless and is very keen to explore her surroundings (including behind the books on my bookshelves!).
Needless to say that the two of them took up most of the weekend so any thoughts about building ships went out of the window although I was able to acquire another 'Town in a bag' from Past Times in their sale.
I will be building during the week though so will hope to have something ready for next weekend.


David Manley said...

What a couple of sweeties :) I wonder if they will develop a taste for painted lead, like my kitties? :)

David Crook said...

Hi Dave,

Not as yet but the youngster has been very interested in my paint brushes! Given my usual speed of painting she will probably get more use out of them!

BTW, The ginger flashes look really good and I loved 'Marauding Moggie after the Mahdi'.

All the best,