Monday 12 December 2011

A Swift, Sure Triumph....

A Swiftsure class battleship in what looks like a very fetching Victorian livery

With grateful thanks to Steve Cady (of Castles of Tin fame) the mystery of the two unidentified pre dreadnoughts has been solved. They are the two ships of the Swiftsure class second class battleships Swiftsure class battleship.

The Die Cast BMC models of the two Swiftsure class battleships

I must confess that I have always had a soft spot for these ships - probably because I am a sucker for non standard designs - so I am pleased to have them for use in the Fezian navy. I have slightly modified the overall approach that Fezia has taken towards her navy and so they now tend towards speed and lightness of armour and gunfire.

I am intentionally making the two fleets as different as possible in terms of capability so that the resultant actions will be tactically challenging. Having two equal forces of ships lined up against one another is not hugely exciting in my experience so 'mixing it up' means that the two sides have different things to consider from a gaming perspective - especially the firepower, speed and the protection of the opposing combatants.


Peter Douglas said...


I agree that these pair make a nice change from the standard pre-dreadnought. Plus a little imagination lets them sail with many real life fleets. Originally ordered by Chile, they went on the block when Chile and Argentina patched up their border dispute. This was just at the start of the Russo-Japanese war and the RN snapped them up to avoid an international incident. They could have sailed with the Chilean, Japanese or Russian fleets.

Or just as easily have been snapped up by the Fezians.

I agree wit your comments on fleet composition - viva la difference!


David Crook said...

Hi Peter,

Very true about the international flavour! Historically Fezia acquired ships from a variety of sources so these fit the bill very nicely.

All the best,


Corporal_Trim said..., David. Perhaps you mistook me. Hard to say exactly but I think the ships you've shown here are supposed to represent the Formidable class. The BMC Triumph/Swiftsures are notable for the large (and crudely rendered) cranes amidships. As I recall I had them as hull # BII in my notes but I'll go back and check the models. But perhaps your cranes were amputated at some point.

In any case, for Imagi-nations, who cares really ? ;-)

Best regardds,

David Crook said...

Hi Steve,

I took a close look at the models and then looked at some profile shots of both Formidable and Swiftsure and aside from the cranes I (if which there is n evidence that I can see of on the model)the models are certainly more like the latter than the former. To start with the funnels are further apart with the rear of the two set much further aft than on the Formidable. There is also a pair of very obvious cut away section on the fore castle whch I have seen in a couple of pictures.

The crane issue has me thinking though because neither model has any sign of such a feature - perhaps these models are a copy in some way sans the cranes?

I will go with a Swiftsure-esque type and as you rightly say, for an imagi-nation it is really not important!

All the best and thanks for getting on this - much appreciated,


Corporal_Trim said...


Yes, on second thought I think you're right. I have the Triumph/Swiftsure model before as I type this and it's the same as yours here except that mine has cranes.


David Crook said...

Hi Steve,

I must confess that I have absolutely no intention of adding them!

I wonder though if they are a copy of some kind (they are die and hollow cast)because there is no sign of a crane in any way shape or form.

One for the Sherlocks amongst us methinks!

All the best,