Sunday 22 April 2012

A Matter of Size

The gaming area in my man cave is currently set up on a 5 x 3ft table which is sufficient for my usual 13 x 9 Hexon based playing area. I have been thinking for some time though about ways I could expand this and think I have a workable solution in mind. The plan is to build a folding gaming table top using hardboard with a frame and supports that can be deployed on my table as either a 6 x 4ft or a 4 x 3ft when folded in two for storage. The space I currently have means that it is not a good idea to have a 6 x 4ft table set up permanently (it would be a little cramped) but by choosing the option described I can make use of the larger playing area as the need arises. The hardboard has been acquired and cut and I am just awaiting the delivery of the hinges. Once this is place I can then see about what size of  timber I will need for the frame and work can then begin in earnest.

I will need to acquire another couple of sets of Hexon to cover the increased area and possibly some additional terrain but I reckon that my existing collection would probably suffice. It will make my naval games look a little easier on the eye as the sea room will be much greater and also the 54mm collection will look a whole lot better. I do not intend painting the finished playing surface but will rely on coloured cloths as required instead.

I only hope the table underneath will be able to take the weight as it would be hugely embarrassing if it were to collapse during a critical part of the action!


SteelonSand said...

I have visions of you calling weakly down from the Loft space with not only the table, but half a ton of wooden blocks pinning you to the floor - SWMBO will give you no sympathy you know.... ;-).

That said, I'm really just jealous of your permanent set-up space.....

David Crook said...

Hi SoS,

Luckily the blocks are quite light although I did not consider Balsa for them....;-)

SWMBO has not even been up there yet which is probably just as well!

All the best,