Friday 27 April 2012

Wooden it be good....

Not quite as bad (I hope!)

I have had a very productive and, dare I say it, inspirational day. It kicked off with a visit to my local joiner for some 'block chopping' and general advice about matters woodwork related. The blocks will be ready for me to collect first thing Tuesday morning and so the relabelling to the new design and standard can at last be completed. Roy, the joiner, is also cutting me some movement trays from some hardboard off cuts which will be sized as per Volley and Bayonet (mostly 3" squares). In the meantime I will need to finish the designs for the 'modern' equipment which should not take too long all being well. Whilst at his workshop I enquired about the possibility of 'routing' MDF with a square grid. The short answer was that his company did not a machine to do this so it would have to go down the manual route (no pun intended!). He did give me some useful tips as to the best way to tackle this though which is handy should I decide to try it. The final piece of advice he gave me was in connection with joints - specifically the joints I will need for the frame for my planned folding 6 x 4 ft gaming table. The best type of joint is a simple butt joint which is a relief as even I can manage to do that without too much difficulty! I have all the PVA, panel pins and long wood screws - plus the hinges so all that is missing is the timber which I shall be acquiring tomorrow - all 36 ft of it!

I also sorted out the ACW ship models and the news with these is actually pretty good. When work on these ground to an ignominious halt I had already half painted some 16 models of the 32 remaining so picking up on this should not be too demanding. I had already printed off the flags and name labels and have sufficient clear plastic for the bases so I have absolutely no excuse for not getting on with them. By way of additional support I will make sure that the grey set of blocks are labelled first so that a typical 'Blue vs Grey' ACW action can be fought. This will mean of course I will be forced into looking at the relevant chapters of  'Battles and Leaders' - how we suffer for our hobby eh?

Finally, I had a minor reorganisation in the man cave of my paints and modelling stuff which in itself was no big deal but it felt so much better after I had done it!


Ross Mac said...

Sounds like a fruitful day. It always seems to feel good to get a start on something that's been "on the list".

David Crook said...

Hi Ross,

I must confess it was good to actually make some progress with a few things - unemployment has definitely sapped my mojo - and more importantly, I actually feel like cracking on with some projects in a meaningful way.

I am collecting the timber for the table top today so will be knee deep in woodwork over the weekend.

Have a great trip and game!

All the best,