Saturday 5 January 2013

Angels 20 Tweaks Part 4....Aircraft Data Cards

A typical Angels 20 data card - I want to get four of these aircraft to paint up as FAA Martlets in due course

In common with the other Axis and Allies Collectable Miniatures Games Angels 20 uses one data card per model. The system  I am currently experimenting with will be doing away with this in favour of an A4 sized data card that will contain the aircraft details and provision for four separate models. I have chosen this number simply because my collection is organised in flights of four so this seemed like a good idea. I have gone through the existing cards and will need to make 22 A4 sheets. Setting up a usable template on my PC will be easy enough and so recording the details the individual types will be easy enough. The whole thing can then be saved on my PC and printed off or photocopied as needed. There will be sufficient spaces for recording pilot quality and additional abilities and I am sure I will be able to 'jazz up' the end result.

As far as the special abilities are concerned I have considered that Poor pilots will have a single negative ability - either a difficult manoeuvre or a combat dice modifier and whatever special abilities the plane or nation might possess. All special abilities will need to be decided beforehand - either as a specific choice or on a random basis.

Once all of this has been typed up I will be happy to make this available to anyone that plays the game if required.

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