Saturday, 18 January 2014

Back up in the roof....Part the First

The main bulk of the man cave refurbishment has been completed. All that now remains is for me to put a few bits and pieces away and hoover the carpet and rug and I shall be back in business. By far and away the most laborious part of the undertaking was tackling the bookcases. I had to empty three, disassemble two plus a storage unit and then replace all the titles taken off the shelves. It was not difficult, just time consuming and hard work. I am really pleased to have done this though and the end result will mean a lot more floor space so deploying the 6 x 4ft table will be a doddle.

The final tasks will be tackled on the morrow and I will posting with pictures once it has been finished. It is rather funny though because as a result of my rummaging around through various boxes and drawers (Oooerr missus!) my to do list has taken a bit of a bashing in that I have found a few things hidden away that I had forgotten about.....

More to follow.

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