Sunday 12 January 2014

Up in the roof with the Angels....

The man cave in its original set form (the action was fought against Bob Cordery and was from the Russo Turkish War) with the books along the end wall. These are now where the cupboard is and will be extended by an extra bank taking the case into the top corner. The left hand unit of the book case in the picture will be disappearing to accommodate the extension. 

The roof in question is my own where the man cave is located and the Angels refer to my collection of 15mm WW2 aircraft for use with Angels 20.

I have started to reorganise the man cave for what I hope will be the last time. The most significant change will be with the book cases. At the the present time I have two double units (I use the Ivar range from Ikea) facing opposite each other. The plan now is to turn one of the doubles into a treble sized unit and then have the single - with an extra shelf - deployed elsewhere. This will give me sufficient space to be able to deploy my 6 x 4ft table with plenty of floor space around it. I have made a start on the changes needed for this but to be honest, gave up after an hour or so as I am still feeling a little lethargic and unwell. Now that I can see what I need to do though I am confident that once I am back firing on all cylinders it will nt take long to organise properly - perhaps a day at most. Next after this will be the final block units and then the 1/2400th WW1 ships.

FW 190 - because I can!

Mention of Angels 20 (and the recent acquisition of the extra aircraft in the shape of four German FW 190 A fighters) has reminded me of a rather interesting development spotted by our very own 'Le Renard Subtil) - Mr Fox himself. He mentioned in passing about a new Yahoo group he had come across called Angels 21 and was getting in quite a lather about the same. I took and look and could see exactly why he was getting so excited.

The group's founder has taken the game apart and made it a much more sensible 'beer and pretzel' game - sensible as in feels more like an aerial game then the original version) - and has come up with a heap of additional aircraft charts. After some initial problems I was able to download everything from the files section and am now busily digesting the same and how I can make use of this marvelous adaptation. I can see some serious fun with this - there are no 'special' abilities for one thing - and it has made me think about the possibility of using an alternate scale of models. It currently seems that a third set will not be produced so it would mean adding extra models from alternative sources which could be potentially quite expensive.

One to ponder for the future methinks - once everything else has been attended to, starting with the man cave.


Paul O'G said...

A well organised Cave is an essential enabling capability for all that follows. I'm in the midst of a reorganisation myself!

David Crook said...

Hi Paul,

This will be the third version of the man cave when ready but I reckon that will be it. As you rightly say - having it well organised is essential. The good thing for me is that I will be able get the 6 by 4 up comfortably rather than having to squeeze around the edges!

All the best,


The Angry Lurker said...

I agree it's too tidy, more mess the better?

David Crook said...

Hi Fran,

It looks rather like a bombsite at the moment which I hope to rectify at the weekend!

All the best,


Clint said...

I have to agree with Fran. less of a cave more of a show home!

(Can you hear the jealous tone in my voice?)

David Crook said...

Hi Clint,

The bombsite is slowly getting cleared - the book cases have been dealt with which was the biggest job. All I am doing now is tidying up and then it will be back in business!

The show home look will not last for long that is for sure!

All the best,