Tuesday 10 June 2014

Return to the Roghan Valley?

The Roghan Valley with the Black Mountains in the distance and the Tandoor River in the foreground

The fearsome Jalfrezi tribesmen waiting to ambush the approaching column

One of the ideas that came to mind as I was sorting through the newly acquired Middle Eastern collection was prompted by the realisation that the bulk of the British infantry are in long trousers and puttees. This makes them ideal for some late Colonial adventures if you are not too pedantic and so the North West Frontier - more specifically the Roghan Valley - has once again surfaced into my project game plan. I have had a number of ideas around this in the past and have fought a couple of block based games set in the valley but for some background (and I apologise for some of the pictures disappearing!) see the following:

The Roghan Valley

There are some pretty good 20mm figures that would be suitable for this - I am thinking more about the tribesmen at this point - so cobbling together a reasonable force would not be too difficult. I would need to add to the Indian part of the collection somewhat (cavalry and perhaps more infantry) but I think this would be quite doable in time.

One to ponder for the future but now I must get back to the ships!

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