Thursday 12 June 2014

The Naval Review

I suppose I should not be surprised really seeing as how myself and self-imposed deadlines are usually not the best of friends. It is now unlikely that I will have all the ships for the first phase of my 1/2400th scale WW1 project completed by the end of the month but the only thing that will be outstanding will be the destroyers - and I take a degree of solace (should that be a quantum?) from the fact that are already based and undercoated.

The remaining German capital ships are now well over halfway finished and will be completed over the weekend. As mentioned previously these consist of an additional Kaiser class battleship, Seydlitz, Von der Tann and a brace of Moltke class battlecruisers.

Once these are finished I will have the last eight RN types to attend to before tackling the destroyers.

As far as rules go I am still pondering a number of options but not with any great conviction - the first priority must be to get the models finished and then I can worry about how I am going to game with them.

Incidentally, I have managed to break with my original plan of using one model to represent two actual ships (for the capital ships) a la Paul Hague in the case of the battlecruisers. My reasoning is simple - as the forces were relatively small having each of the major participants represented made more sense should I want to attempt any historical scenario type games. Besides, I have some very fond memories of using the German First Scouting group of 5 battlecruisers during umpteen games of Jutland!

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