Sunday 12 April 2015

Fezia and Rusland....1935 style

It has been a pretty productive weekend both on the domestic and gaming front. This afternoon I was able to get the 50 x 40mm plastic figures for the 1935 Fezian and Rusland undercoated so the next step will be to tackle the painting in earnest. I have the colour schemes worked out and am already thinking about further additions - primarily support weapons and crews and any 'specials' I may want to add. Machine guns and mortars are the obvious first port of call but I will of course be looking at artillery crews - especially now as I have a good source of wheels.

The figures are going to be gloss varnished but I will be adding to the bases. My standard method is to add coarse sand to PVA and then paint and highlight the same and so I shall be doing this in due course. As befits armies operating in what is effect a desert environment the bases will be sand/brown/rocky/dusty and whilst deciding this I rediscovered a couple of bages of palm trees which will be ideal for what I am planning.

I have also been thinking about the whole tank thing. The 1930s was a great period of experimentation in respect of what tanks should look like and how they developed tactically. I want mine to reflect this and so will producing both anti tank and infantry support version - possibly even some machine guns armed types. I rather fancy cobbling together some armoured cars as well.

Lots to play around with then but the infantry must come first of course.

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