Sunday 19 April 2015

Painting figures? Moi? How very dare you.....

After a busy weekend due to an overnight stop in Ipswich with SWMBO for a very enjoyable music event I was this afternoon able to make a start on painting the first of the 40mm plastic figures for the 1930s Fezia and Rusland project.

I managed to find a box of assorted acrylic paints lurking in deep storage in the man cave - some GW and some from the Orcs Nest in London - which will be sufficient for my immediate needs although I will need to add a couple of shades to the selection.

The first batch of figures - 24 in all - are for the Ruslanders and the base coat for them in Khaki. The base uniform coat has been applied so next will be the details - equipment and flesh etc. It is funny though how the application of paint really emphasises just how bad these figures are in terms of details. To anybody that can remember the old Spencer Smith plastics you will know what I mean! I am enjoying the process though and will hope to get these finished in a couple of weeks or so.

It has been a long time since I painted plastic figures but I am keen to push on with these and get them into action. I have some terrain for use with the models and have also settled on how the tanks will take shape. They are going to look suitably 1930s but I will not be doing anything with them until the infantry for both sides is ready.


Prince Lupus said...

Don't be shy - photos please

David Crook said...

Hi Prince Lupus,

There will be photos in due course but they are at the 'only one colour over the undercoat' stage - and look pretty grim as a result!

They are going to be very basic as befits the quality of the models but I am thinking the look I am going for will be ideal for them.

All the best,


Simon Quinton said...

Sounds great. Keeping the SWMBO happy and getting some painting in :)

David Crook said...

Hi Simon,

It was a great weekend all round! I shall be pressing on with the painting over the next couple of weeks although there is a side project in the offing....

All the best,