Monday 7 March 2022

A Quick Note

Riding off into the sunset….for now….

Good morning all. Firstly, a very big thank you to all for your best wishes in respect of Laurel (aka SWMBO) coming home - it has been really appreciated by us both and provided a welcome boost to my somewhat flagging morale.

We are adjusting to life in the house around care visits - with the physio in due course - and negotiating Laurel’s wheelchair around some particularly tight corners whilst attempting to retain as much paint as possible on the doorframes! She is able to get around downstairs relatively easily by herself although the kitchen and downstairs cloakroom are problematic as they involve a slight drop in the case of the former (meaning her frame comes into play) and a wide step for the latter (which means that telescopic ramps are in use). She will make a full recovery but it will take time and the marked difference in her well being due to being at home is really noticeable - she (and I) is also sleeping far better as well which is a merciful relief I can tell you.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was feeling somewhat wrung out with everything that had happened over the last six months or so. Well, I took the precaution of speaking to my GP and as suspected a bout of depression was diagnosed for which the appropriate steps will be need to be taken. In this case the suggestion is counselling and meds - the former I have no problem with but I am saving the latter in case my now improving well being suffers a set back. I need to keep my head clear for Laurel and work and not drug fogged as far as possible.

As a result I am going into reading mode for a few weeks - this decision has not changed from previously - so will not be posting to the blog until next month when hopefully life will be back on a more even keel.

In closing many thanks once again and rest assured, I will be back soon.


Steve J. said...

I'm glad to hear that Laurel is settling in well back at home and naturally great for her to be out of hospital and of course for you to have her back too.

You have been through a lot recently, with one thing and another. I hope the therapy/counselling works well, so you don't have to resort to meds. Might I suggest that each day you try and get out of the house and go for a walk in a nice green space, if you have one near by? We now know the benefits of green spaces both physically and mentally and I know it helped me massively when I was in post cancer op recovery.

All the best and enjoy your reading!

rross said...

Good luck with everything David. It must be a pretty stressful time for you both and if a break from blogging can help in some small way, of course that's what you should do. Look forward to seeing you back in a few weeks if that's what works for you, and if things change and you need to take a longer break, so be it.

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Take care of yourself , see you in the future at some point I'm sure , Tony

Ray Rousell said...

Take good care of each other, rest up and get well soon the both of you.

Mark Cordone said...

Take care, and best wishes for both of you!

~ Tom T said...

Best of all Wishes for both of your complete recoveries together. As was mentioned, by Steve J., the outdoors can have a potent healing power. Failing that, even sitting by a window in the Sun can work wonders. (Voice of Experience.) Looking forward to your return. Until then, rest, care for your Lady and yourself and enjoy your reading!
~ Tom T.

'Lee. said...

Do take good care of yourself David, you have been under a lot of pressure recently. So good to read that Laurel is back home and I'm sure that's going to give you both a massive boost. Don't worry about us lot, we will still be here when you decide it's the right time to return to blogging :)

All the best to you both,


Jim Duncan Wargamer said...

Best wishes for both of you. Take care all round.

Adelaide Gamer said...

Rest well.

Paul O'G said...

Take care mate - be well