Wednesday 2 March 2022

The Great War at Sea and Other Stuff

Oh yes indeedy! Global in its coverage and a welcome addition to the library

It has been an insanely busy week or so since my last post for many reasons and to be honest, it has really knocked the stuffing out of me.

Laurel may well be coming home soon - there are a number of moving organisational parts to tackle first - which is really great news. She is progressing but still has a way to go but the signs are very positive - needless to say this is a massive boost for all! There have been umpteen calls to be made, all manner of equipment being delivered, ongoing ‘window visits’, running the house and also working full time to contend with.

Work has been really busy as I was redeployed first to one bank and now to another. I will also be needing to head into the city for initially a day a week leading up to three days in time. It is not ideal at present but we will manage as best we can. After all I am not being employed for my sparkling conversation and boyish good looks….

I have done very little on the gaming front since my last post and to be honest I fully expect this to be the case for a while now so I have taken the decision to keep off the blog for a while until I have something to write about - probably until Easter methinks.

To be frank I am feeling pretty wrung out at present and simply cannot keep on at the pace I have been trying to maintain so I need to step back a while to clear my head.

The book you see above I am sure I have owned at some point so I was delighted to be reacquainted with it courtesy of eBay. I have one other general history of the Great War at Sea and also a quite superb atlas (along with the larger WW2 version) so this will keep me entertained for some time and no doubt something will arise from it. Actually, it already has but that will be for another time when my world has settled down a little.

See you next month!


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

When you are looking after somebody it is important to look after oneself as well .

David Crook said...

Hello there Good Soldier Svjek,

This is very true and a lesson that I have learned the hard way! One cannot be any help to someone else when one is ‘running on empty’ so a recharge and refresh are the order of the day methinks.

It also means that reading and thinking of great thoughts will be my recreation of choice for the present.

All the best,


Aly Morrison said...

Things are moving forward on all the right ‘projects’ David…

Concentrate on Laurel… The Toy soldiers/ships can and will wait …

Don’t forget to take care of yourself mate…

All the best. Aly