Monday 22 August 2022

On Days Like These….

The C.S.S. Mississippi - a beast and a half for sure but like many Confederate designs, woefully underpowered and resource heavy.

 For a variety of reasons this has not been one of our better weekends. Aside from being ‘a man down’ (actually a woman down or rather a person down!) as Holly is currently sampling the delights of Amsterdam on a short break with her friend it has been frustrating for Laurel as various parts of officialdom are proving to be somewhat tiresome. Nothing major, but suffice it to say that it served to dampen the mood somewhat. With Holly away it meant that her chores were shared between my son and myself which left correspondingly little time to get much done on the gaming/modelling front. Again, nothing major, merely time consuming.

However, all was not lost as I was finally able to put pen to paper and get the last plans drawn up for Warbases for the final few models for the ACW collection. In truth there was also some other bits and pieces I needed from Martin and Diane so that is all now in place. 

The C.S.S. Selma - note the framework designed to strengthen the hull (and one of the pieces I an getting Warbases to laser cut for me - actually two pieces!)

I finally decided that the double enders I am building will be replaced with models using a more representative hull form. The two that are currently under construction will be morphed into something else. Also to be built is the large Confederate ironclad the C.S.S. Mississippi and the C.S.S. Selma. The latter I viewed as a bit of a challenge but it will be a nice way to sign off on the collection!

I was also rather please to have won something on eBay - and at a really good price. I shall be taking delivery later this week of a hexed light blue felt cloth produced by Hotz Mats - the hexes are marked in white and whilst I do have the hex size (I reckon around 3” across the flat sides - the seller was unable to confirm as the mat WIP currently in another house) it is roughly 9 by 13. I plan to use this for both naval and aerial games and so am rather pleased to have picked this up for £14 including postage!


Ray Rousell said...

It's a beast!

David Crook said...

Hi ray,

That it is and if it had ever gotten into service it may have made quite an impact! It was built but was so slow and underpowered was effectively no better than a floating battery.

All the best,