Saturday 6 August 2022

War in The Land of the Rising Sun

The Japanese gaming options - old and new. Command and Colours for the tactical battles using the figures from Shogun with the board game providing the strategic backdrop. An idea for latter methinks….

After a selective search over a couple of months or so and assisted by some of my customary wheeling and dealing, I was finally able to source a copy of the old Milton Bradley board game Shogun, complete with slightly over 400 1:72nd scale hard plastic figures. Aside from being an excellent strategic game, the figures are rather nice in a way that appeals to the reluctant painter - modest levels of detail and stylistically ‘simple’ looking!

The figures in the game - there are five colours with the Ronin figure in Grey - they can be used by any faction, hence the neutral colour - and the solitary Ninja in black (naturally)

There are a number of ideas floating around with the acquisition of this game. To begin with there is the the traditional ‘age of war’ - the late 16th century - which is the focus of the board game. There is also the ‘Last Samurai’ to consider. Now I know that the film took a number Hollywood style historical liberties but as a visual spectacle for me it ticks all of my unworthy Western perceptions of the Samurai!

In keeping with my 1:72nd fetish I have an idea that will address a couple of things. I am now looking for a copy of the Eagle Games ACW game - similar to their War in the Age of Imperialism - as the kepi wearing infantryman could, at a pinch and with some paint conversion, serve as Japanese regular infantry as well as Union and Confederate types.

All of these ideas are very much Portable Wargame facing and the challenge of using cheapish and simple  figures to realise these ideas is one that I will relish.

On the subject of International Naval Wargames Day….

There is an after action report to follow - you will be able to see how Captain Butler got on - but that will be for tomorrow.


Archduke Piccolo said...

David -
A score! The scenario book for the Samurai Battles (Age of Tactic) system would be a fine addition. I have adapted a couple for my own gear, shoe-horning the scenario onto my Memoir '44 board. A narrative of the battle of Mitakagohara is in draft at the moment, using the PW rule set, but also something of a play test of one or two ideas of my own concerning command.
Another battle is set up ready to go.

David Crook said...

Hello there Archduke,

There was a lot of ‘to-ing and fro-ing’ to close the deal but I am pleased that I did. In order to maintain the play value of the board game once all the figures have disappeared I have a cunning plan involving the use of coloured cubes to represent the troops. Some of the figures will be on multi bases while some will be individually based. I will certainly spring for a couple of boxes of cavalry, the command set and I rather fancy the idea of some artillery!

I will also look out for the Age of Tactic scenario book - I am sure there must be a PDF of it somewhere. I will look forward to seeing what you have in store!

All the best,