Monday 31 October 2022

25 x 5mm Cardboard Squares

Mad, bad and dangerous to know - the C.S.S. Mississippi under construction.

The C.S.S. Mississippi features twenty gun ports which for my model are each of 5mm square cardboard. There are then five hatches also of 5mm card so that is twenty five 5mm squares in total. It was not difficult to do but care is needed for sure - that and a steady hand with a good set of tweezers! Of all the models I have built this is the most amount of 5mm squares I have used on a single ship. Mercifully the remaining casemate ironclads need rather fewer!


The Jolly Broom Man said...

Never mind the fiddly cardboard bits, the sloping sides to the casemate are very neatly done. Very nice!

David Crook said...

Bonjour L’Homme de Jolly Broom,

Merci old chap - much appreciated! The sloped sides are a little too steep really but I wanted the height so that is how it is. I shall be sealing and undercoating today and she will be ready for action very soon. I have three more casemate ironclads to build so they will be next.

How is the cravat wearing going? ;-)

All the best,