Monday 31 July 2023

1940 - Eric Knowles Style….Part 2

After the photographic onslaught that was the Germans it was only right that the next post should comprise the French. Again, no armour to speak of but it is an impressive collection all the same.

Fortress types

Colonial infantry support and artillery

Colonial infantry


More fortress types plus guns

Artillery and some unpainted support

More artillery

Even more artillery!

Armoured infantry

The unpainted but not unorganised bits and bobs

Motorised infantry with some unpainted stuff

I must confess to being mystified as to why with the 1940 collection there does not appear to be any armour other than that of the Belgians (in the next post). Knowing Eric I can only assume that he had stockpiled the material for this and the box full has yet to be found or perhaps he collaborated with another gamer that had the requisite vehicles? I doubt if if we will ever know as Bill is quite certain that all the boxes I have are in fact all the boxes there are. Who knows?

There are some of Eric’s conversions in this collection - he would press gang vehicles from the most unlikely sources and ‘paint them into something suitable’ - and the two turreted fortress guns are of his own design. 

As usual all this is up for disposal although currently under review by an interested party. Any enquiries about the French should be emailed to me -

Next up will be the Belgians and some Dutch.


Ray Rousell said...

He certainly had a massive collection!

David Crook said...

Hi Ray,

That he did!

All the best,