Tuesday 18 July 2023

The Modelling Wargamer

There is a cunning plan behind all this lot and their arrival is extremely will timed!

I was delighted today to receive two items from the well known South American river that are essential for the completion of Developing the Portable Ironclads Wargame. A box of six white paint pens suitable for use on various materials - including fabric - and a pack of one hundred 6” long pipe cleaners may seem a little unusual when discussing ironclads but there is a very good reason behind the purchase.

The pens will be used to mark out a square grid on a spare blue cloth I have whilst the pipe cleaners are destined for game related markers - at least some of them will be. Painted green they can be used as 3mm scale hedges and I have also seen them used as missile markers for use in modern aerial combat games.

The lengths of bamboo you see came to me courtesy of my art and craft obsessed daughter, Holly, and are what remains of an earlier project she was involved in. As an early stages teacher (newly qualified) she will be running various art and craft style things with her class so any odds and ends she is left with may well find a home with her old dad!

For the record the longer bamboo skewer is one of my standard types I use primarily for masts and yes, I have plenty of these in stock. The shorter ones, which are the same thickness, will certainly be used in due course especially as I have around fifteen or so ironclads to build that have a full sailing rig.

So this weekend will see a degree of artistic endeavour along with the small matter of sorting out Eric’s 20mm WW2 collection.

I am hoping that both endeavours will prove to be fun!


Steve J. said...

My wife brings home similar stuff from school, especially now it's end of term and they are having the yearly big clearout. So gaming related stuff so far but some useful bits for the garden. Beggars can't be choosers:)!

David Crook said...

Hi Steve J,

At the moment I only get occasional discard from Holly but I reckon that once she starts in September with her class and gets them involved with her projects then this will escalate!

I really enjoy what is essentially ‘junk modelling’ and am always on the lookout for bits and pieces that can be pressed into wargaming service!

All the best,