Monday 26 February 2024

Zulus…Dropping Sixty or More

At last! Two boxes on the way!

I mentioned in my earlier post that I managed to finally score some figures that I needed for a particular project. Zulus to be exact, of the unmarried variety. I had a look at the 1-72 stand at cavalier and chatted with Dave the proprietor, more in hope than expectation, about the box of figures you see above and the likelihood of seeing it again. “Fear not” he enthused, “I have six boxes of them back at base - the only reason I do not have them with me is because the box is an odd size!”

I have been looking out for these figures since I acquired a copy of the boardgame War in the Age of Imperialism that includes a huge number of 1:72nd scale plastic figures and other useful stuff. You may recall that the base infantry figure is a very good likeness for a Zulu War period British infantryman and so taking advantage of the Hat Industries Zulu War British Command pack  and a few other bits and bobs I will be able to organise a pretty reasonable looking force. Old school, soft plastic 20mm - what’s not to like?

The deal has duly been struck and so I shall be getting two boxes of the above for my ‘Zulu’ inspired 1879 project which sits alongside my ‘Shogun’ inspired 1600 Samurai one and the the 1870 ‘Last Samurai’ version. Then of course there is ‘300’ and a smattering of the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ - it does seem that much of my gaming has been Hollywood based….

It doesn’t make me a bad person though!

 Sixty! We dropped at least 60, wouldn't you say?” A quote from THAT film but in my case it is 120!


Aly Morrison said...

A useful find David…
And another excellent piece of front loading šŸ˜

All the best. Aly

David Crook said...

Hello there Aly,

Absolutely - and on both counts! It has also spawned (yet) another idea….

All the best,