Thursday 29 February 2024

A Most Welcome Addition

Back in the library - at last! Note the rather intriguing CD….

As anyone that knows me will agree I tend to be rather impulsive when it comes to starting and stopping projects. I believe that age has tempered this slightly but memories of regretted disposals often come back to haunt me - especially when I end up acquiring the same at some point later. I have learned to live with the embarrassment though!

The contents and how useful is that!?

So it was that my original copy of the above book found its way into the collection of Mr Fox sometime ago - before lockdown as I recall, so we are talking around five years ago at least. Now I have a reasonable selection of books on the warships of the American Civil War but I was keen to get a hold of this one again but the prices on a secondhand basis were frankly ludicrous. 

Anyway, a recent trawl through eBay had a copy available on a ‘buy it now’ basis and so I did! It duly arrived this morning and a most welcome surprise was hidden, Journey to the Centre of the Earth style, in the dust jacket. 

I will need to play around with the CD as I am currently unable to open the files as I use a Mac and this is a Microsoft based disc so currently is unable to run EXE. I am not tech savvy enough to be able to do this easily so will try a few of my IT contacts to see what I need to do. In any event, given that this information has been added to a CD I am wondering if it is available online to download from somewhere as presumably this is in the public domain.

I shall look forward to seeing the contents though for sure!


Aly Morrison said...

That’s a good looking book David…
It looks like a keeper to me…
I love the amount of smoke coming out of the Ironclads in the cover illustration… Did they ever sneak up on each other.

All the best. Aly

David Crook said...

Hi Aly,

It most certainly is! I cannot imagine an ironclad sneaking up on anything - for one thing during this period they tended to be pretty slow!

All the best,