Wednesday 24 April 2024

Latest Acquisitions for Wings of War/Glory

Probably the most famous aircraft of the First World War on the left whilst on the right, the mount of an equally famous pilot but for all the wrong reasons….

I spent a very pleasant couple of hours or so yesterday evening with the redoubtable Mr Fox at his home, discussing matters of great import - well great to us anyway - and transacting some business. Essentially it was a swap deal - my excess Wings of War/Glory WW1 aircraft (20 in all) for a whole pile of Aeronautica Imperialis goodies - details of which will feature in a later post.

Anyways, as part of the horse trading (no actual horses of course, unless you count those of the engine power variety which, given the subject matter was WW1 aircraft would be kind of appropriate….) I took delivery of the models you see above.

The Triplane needs little introduction (that is the third ‘Red Baron’ I have in his triplane guise) but the Fokker D7 may be a bit of a surprise. It was the mount of one Hermann Goering who finished the Great War as a holder of the Pour La Mérite - the famous ‘Blue Max’- and the commander of Jagdgeschwader 1, the unit previously commanded by Baron Von Richthofen. 

I shall be repainting two of the Fokker DR1s I have - I rather fancy an all black version - but will probably leave the D7 as is.

The SE5 of Canada’s leading fighter ace - Billy Bishop

I also acquired a British SE5a but in the colours of the Canadian fighter ace, Billy Bishop. By a strange coincidence my wife’s late brother, Gordie the former paratrooper, who lived in Vancouver, was a member of the Canadian Legion - affiliated with the British Legion and providing a similar function for ex servicemen. The coincidence part is that the branch of the Canadian Legion Gordie belonged to used to meet at a local pub called, you’ve guessed it, the Billy Bishop.

I am really pleased to have these models in my collection and so would like to thank Mr Fox for making them available.

He really is a thoroughly decent fellow!


Ray Rousell said...

And very nice they look too!

David Crook said...

Hi Ray,

I am looking forward to painting the brace of Triplanes to go with the Baron. As for the D7 - it is pretty boring (or should that be Goering?) to look at but as I only have one of them complete (my other one is missing the base) it will have to do. Ultimately I want four of them….

All the best and chocks away!


Donnie McGibbon said...

They are cracking models David, you must be happy with these additions.

Steve J. said...

Fine acquisitions there David:).

David Crook said...

Hi Donnie,

They are indeed cracking models! Now that the collection has taken a definite shape I hope to be in a position to run a quick game shortly.

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Steve J,

They certainly are!

All the best,


Aly Morrison said...

Splendid additions to the collection David .
I have always been fond of the SE5 myself…
Hermann certainly made up for restraint he showed earlier on in his career…. Although maybe he was wearing something novel under his flying suit…

All the best. Aly

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


You are putting together quite a nice collection of aircraft. I must admit that I am very impressed by the quality of the models.

All the best,


Glory to Ruritania said...

Amazing group of planes David you will surely have an amazing wargame too with these beauties. Well done. Quinn

David Crook said...

Hi Aly,

Really pleased to have gotten these although i still need some more D7s!

Not sure what he was wearing and to be honest, that is an image I would rather not imagine….. :-)

SE5s are a great choice - I now have five - and so getting them into action is my bank holiday priority!

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Bob,

They are really nice models and I have just discovered a company that produces 3D prints of the aircraft IN COLOUR!

I will need to look long and hard at this…..

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Quinn,

That is the plan my man!

All the best,