Sunday 7 April 2024

Thoughts on the American Civil War

Not seen this for a long while - a brigade level tactical board game covering the American Civil War and published by Yaquinto. My curiosity was sufficiently aroused so that once again the wallet fell open….

Although my interest in the American Civil War has been primarily directed at the naval side I have not been averse to fighting the odd land battle or two. In recent years this has been via Battle Cry - the Command and Colours game designed by Richard Borg - or more usually a variant of Bob Cordery’s Portable Wargame. I have an unused 18mm WoFun collection for the period - these are the original WoFun release and not the later Peter Dennis penned versions - that I had half an idea of using with either of the above mentioned rules in support of my naval endeavours but as yet have not done anything tangible about it. 

Battles and Leaders is a tactical ACW boardgame set at brigade level that was published by Yaquinto back in the very early 1980s. It is scaled at 50 metres per hex and a unit counter represents around 200 men. There are separate counters for leaders and skirmishers and the former have a rating for charisma - as well as a rather evocative ‘leader injury’ table.

This is a board game that is very much of its era - lots of charts and tables - but beneath it all there is an interesting system that offers a little more ‘meat’ in terms of detail compared to, for example, Battle Cry.

I will take this game as it is although the potential for using the WoFun collection is certainly there. 

Something to think about anyway.

In other news, the final phase of my recent bout of ‘wheeling and dealing’ is coming to an end. I have a few surprises to unleash - actually not really that much of a surprise overall - but regular readers of the blog will recognise the inspiration behind them!


Scott said...

Hi David,

I had this game many, many years ago but sold it a while back. I "sort of" remember the Random Event table describing the leader injuries.

Yaquinto Games featured nice thick counters. The boxed Yaquinto games had a counter tray without a cover. The rulebook covered how to make a cover out of card and attach it to the tray with adhesive tape. I always chuckled when I read this passage in Yaquinto rulebooks.

Have fun playing your newly acquired games.


David Crook said...

Hi Scott,

I always like the nice thick Yaquinto counters, similarly with those of Battleline. I am undecided about using the counter trays - covered or otherwise - as most of my boardgames use copious amounts of grip top polythene bags.

The final list of ‘retro’ games I have been after is more or less complete with the last titles en route to Maison Crook. I reckon there is one other title that would be nice to have but is not essential - I will post about this if I change my mind!

All the best,