Monday 10 August 2009

Cry Havoc!...and let slip the Blocks of War!!!

I mentioned earlier that I would need to source a suply of blocks to be able to give this 'project' some viability and think I may have found it, albeit somewhat unconventionally. Colombia games ( produce a series of block based boardgames on a number of military themes. I own their game Napoleon (covering the my old favourite, the 1815 campaign) and it sudenly struck me that they might offer a replacement service for the blocks contained therein - in the manner of many games companies. Sure enough, after checking their website they sell hardwood blocks in both 20mm and 24mm square at 20 cents each for the smaller size. these blocks are very high quality and I reckon on needing perhaps 60 a colour so the cost would be modest - even allowing for shipping from Canada.

Suddenly this is assuming a life of its own.........;-)

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