Thursday 13 August 2009

WW1 In and around the Black Sea

Readers of the blog may recall a little while ago I was making campaign type noises for the Balkan wars and for the extension into the Black Sea during WW1. I have amassed the fleets in 1/3000th for use with both these conflicts and am toying with the idea of using the campaign system described in the boardgame The Great War at Sea: The Mediterranean (also featured in an earlier post). Imagine my surprise and delight when looking at the website I came across a game that had been run set in the Black Sea during the early years of the war - covering both land and sea aspects. I will copy this down and will study it further and see where it takes me but certainly it bears investigation. The picture above is the campaign that was used and full details of this, and much else of interest can also be found on the site.

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